Rec Room

Welcome to Rec Room, the virtual reality social club where you play active games against competitors from all around the world. Hang out in the locker room, customize your appearance, then party up with friends new and old to play games like Paintball, Dodgeball, 3D Charades, Paddle Ball, Disc Golf, and much more! Plus new activities and fun stuff added frequently.


  • Online multiplayer so you can have fun with people from all over the world
  • Fist bump to party up – stay together and play together!
  • Be yourself – customize your appearance in the changing room
  • Hang out and play in the Locker Room, or choose one of our fun activities:
  • Paintball
  • 3D Charades
  • Disc Golf
  • Zero-G Paddle Ball
  • Dodgeball
  • Or just choose “Quick Play” to jump into a random game
  • General craziness and fun!


  • Rec Room is an active game. Please use common sense and caution while playing!
  • Children under thirteen are not allowed.
  • Children between 13-18 must consult with a parent or guardian before playing.
  • In Early Access, Rec Room defaults to being a public experience. You will interact and voice chat with other people in real time. Rec Room offers mute, ignore and reporting features which we encourage you to learn and use. But even if you use these features, you still may be exposed to speech or behavior you find inappropriate.
  • By playing Rec Room, you agree to our Code of Conduct!


  • Rule #1: Be excellent to each other!
  • No sexually explicit behavior or language in the locker room or public activities.
  • Whatever you choose to do in a private activity, still make sure everyone is cool with it.
  • Sexist, racist, discriminatory or harassing language is not welcome in Rec Room.
  • Don’t mess with other people’s games! We don’t want to implement a million rules to control your behavior in every game. Don’t make us.

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