November 26, 2017


Do you have a thirst for competition? The drive to win? Have you been training in the mountains with Nintendo Monks and achieved ultimate enlightenment? Ready to prove your skills?!

Then you will have to come down to Outer Limits and compete in one of our many tournaments! We have recurring biweekly/monthly tournaments, and also special, one-off ultra competitive events too! Whether you consider yourself a zombie slayer connoisseur, or a Melee master, we have the best environment for your to show off your skills!

Recurring Events:

Melee @ Outer Limits (Biweekly, Fridays 6pm-11pm)

Facebook Event Link:

Current scheduled dates: TBA

Cost: $10 ($5 for prize pool, $5 venue fee)

Pre-registration and Bracket:


Double Elimination Singles Bracket (Round Robin Pools may be instituted depending on attendance)

13+ CRTs (Bring a console + Melee for a venue fee waiver, Max 4 waivers)

Projector for Streamed matches

Streamed live on

Commentary Desk

Sanctioned as an official North Bay Melee Event (Attendance, placings, and head to head contributes to seasonal points and rankings)

Snacks and Drinks for $1

Payout: 60%/30%/10%

For full event details and rules, please check the Facebook page!